Directions & Map

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The seminar takes place in Istanbul and is organised by TÜBITAK, the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, CHIST-ERA partner.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey (population of 13.9 million), constituting the country's economic, cultural, and historical heart. Istanbul is a transcontinental city, straddling the Bosphorus (one of the world's busiest waterways) in northwestern Turkey, between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea. Its commercial and historical center lies in Europe, while a third of its population lives in Asia.

The conference is hosted at: Point Hotel (Giza Meeting Room) - Topcu Caddesi No.2 34437 Taksim Istanbul – Turkey

Point Hotel has a central location at the meeting point of Istanbul in Taksim and is very close to the business, shopping, convention, congress, culture and entertainment centers.

From the Atatürk International Airport:

Taxi – Taking a taxi to your hotel is the most common used and most convenient option. Just walk out of the airport and you will see the official taxis nicely lined up. In about half an hour (without traffic jams), a ride to Taksim will set you back for 42 TL (€15.5) and a few minutes more. Make sure that you write down or print out the exact address of your hotel and the telephone number in order to show to the taxi driver right place to go.

Shuttle Services – Havatas is municipality run reliable shuttle service. You can find them outside the airport terminal, at the second lane. Every half hour one of their buses heads for Taksim. The ride cost 10 TL (€3.7) per person (luggage included) and takes approximately 40 minutes depending on traffic. It takes 5 minutes to walk from Taksim Havatas bus station to Point Hotel. For more information, visit the Havatas website.

Public transportation – You can also use public transportation to reach your hotel. Although a little bit cheaper, it is rather adventurous. For starters, you will have to change vehicles/lines (and take plenty of stairs) a few times (operating hours between 6 am and midnight). So only read on if you are travelling light. Keep in mind that every transfer mentioned here requires you to buy a new token, on average 2 TL (€0.75) each and per person. First hop on the metro in the airport (underground) in the direction of Zeytinburnu. At that station, not necessary the final destination of the metro, you must get off and take the tramway to Kabatas. You are going to Taksim, stay put until the last station – Kabatas. From there, follow the funicular (Füniküler) signs and hop on. The next stop is Taksim. It is a long way to go.

If you don’t have Turkish liras on you, use one of the many ATMs in the airport to withdraw some cash money. None of the transportation options mentioned below will accept credit cards, foreign currencies or big Turkish lira notes.

Hotels with specific rates for the attendees of the conference (code: TUBITAK):