Ruth Breu

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Living Security - Managing Security Of Ultra-Large IT Platforms
Ruth Breu

Professor Breu is Scientific Head of the Quality Engineering Laura Bassi Lab (QE LaB) in Austria (Innsbruck). The goal of QE LaB is to develop methods and tools to foster the quality management of a new generation of dynamically evolving cooperative systems and to bring high-level research results to the market. Her research interests include Requirements Engineering, Model-Driven Software Development, Software Processes, Security Engineering, Quality Management.

Abstract of communication: 

Probably the most severe vulnerability of organizations today is their inability to efficiently coordinate security relevant actions and data. Challenges for assuring security of the emerging generation of “smart” platforms (smart cities, smart grids, smart vehicles, …) arise from the sheer amount of highly interconnected assets, the necessity to balance security, safety, cost and performance requirements and inter-organizational environments. The presented “Living Security” concept claims the necessity to increase the degree of automation, adaptability and analysability within the security management process.

Resilient Trustworthy Cyber-Physical Systems
June 17
Keynote talk